There is a silence in the close tonight,
Fireflies fill the air, light without sound,
Though silence not yet total for life goes on –
for now;
What the opposite side of the bank holds, who knows
For the river slowly flows, no boat in sight,
The ferryman is not yet stirred,
No payment required;
So stand I here, observer, no participant;
There is a silence in the close tonight
But fireflies fill the air


New worlds


Tomorrow I shall dream of a better life,
But I shall not need my body;
My spirit shall be free to the wind
My sight uncluttered by scars
My ears clear of impediment.
I shall dream for eternity,
Until dreams are no more.
Tomorrow I shall be without walls, without worry, without well wishing;
Tomorrow I shall be in a world of being, a world of new life;
What is this life I leave behind but regrets and longing?



When I die I shall remain a part of the universe
Not as I am now
But on the wings of the wind
In the texture of the Earth
And in the memories of those who loved me
Birth is a death and death is a death
Fear is natural
But fearing fear is not
For our fear holds us back
And makes a death amongst the living
We are motal
But what we achieve should be eternal