Poppy lies


Perhaps as we remember the fallen
let us not forget why they were there

Only boys in too many instances
in a conflict they wouldn’t understand

Put there in the interests of profits,
egged on by thoughts of king, country, empire

Paraded as heroes; our dead heroes;
sold short by fathers, mothers and us all;

Youth, tragic a whole generation lost


In the wasteland



The morning stench –

Worse than the night before –

Clogs our nostrils;

The scorched earth of hypocrisy

Is tipped limbs flaying into a mass grave

Of broken promises

Never again;

But the assault of patriotic lies

Whizzes just above our heads

As we crouch knees apart,

Giving birth to a politician’s cant

One day –

The day to end all days –

Has come and gone

And in the wasteland of our hopes and fears

We are made to fight on