Poppy lies


Perhaps as we remember the fallen
let us not forget why they were there

Only boys in too many instances
in a conflict they wouldn’t understand

Put there in the interests of profits,
egged on by thoughts of king, country, empire

Paraded as heroes; our dead heroes;
sold short by fathers, mothers and us all;

Youth, tragic a whole generation lost


Long ago and far away


A hush fell just before midnight.
A silence as noise.
Our expression of longing
In a world weary from life.
Life in destruction,
Life in turmoil,
Life in extremis.
Oh but could such a noise
Be but comfort all our days,
When man hates man
Without reason,
Without cause,
Without recognition.
Is this a world to believe in?
A world turned upside down
Inside out
Lacking consequence.
If this be the world
Let  the noise end,
And return us to the silence
Of destruction,
For such a silence is deafening,
But for those who will not hear.